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Are Your Windows Open?

A couple of weeks ago now, my family & I went on a vacation to Colorado. While I knew the temperatures there were much different than those of the panhandle of Texas, I wasn’t expecting what happened. There was no air conditioner in hubby’s parents’ home because it was not needed. Simply not needed. The temperatures in Colorado merely do not warrant having one. So, much to my surprise – the windows were open all over the house.

During the day, I enjoyed the breeze that was coming inside due to the windows being open. But, when it came to the night time? “My” natural instinct chimed in and I instantly wanted the windows closed. In talking about closing the windows, it was pointed out to me how much warmer inside the bedroom and the rest of the house it would be with them closed. I gave in even though.. again.. it went against my natural instinct.

Throughout the night, I found myself waking up to sounds I was not used to. To sounds that I had no clue what type of animals they might be. And, in truth, there was an element of fear in me. Not the getting eaten by a bear type of fear… but still fear nonetheless. Up until a almost a year ago now, I had always been a city girl. Yes, G-town was country to me and our sons. But compared to here, definitely not country. Fear. A four letter word that I was not expecting to find while on vacation.

Each morning I would find myself sitting out on the back porch. I would look out at the same scenery that was there at night and would think how beautiful it was. How simply and utterly breath-taking! As I was studying one of those particular mornings and praying, my Father whispered to me, “I brought you to this place to experience the windows being opened at night. Stop closing your windows when there is no need to.” Of course, I also knew then I was to share about this with those who will read. But I knew that was not where the story would end.

When we came back home, just a couple of days later, our air conditioner went out in the parsonage. For those not in the know.. a parsonage is a home a pastor and his family live in provided by the church. Needless to say, the windows were in need of opening. Did I mention we live in the panhandle area of Texas? I had to laugh and smile.. I knew more of the story was about to write itself.

Sure enough? At night, with the windows open – I could hear all kinds of sounds I would not have heard as clearly, if at all, had the windows been closed. Vehicles passing, teens laughing at the park a few streets over, cats and dogs at play – just to name a few. I still did not sleep that well with the windows open. But this time it was not out of fear. It was out of expectancy for the future. Out of sheer excitement over the ways in which I see and know God is moving – not only here – but in places all over the world. And in expectancy for all the ways I’m yet to grow, stretch, and change for I am a work in progress just like you.

I started to publish this on Friday. Funny enough? More of the story was to be written today on the way to the big city with our oldest son, Austin. He was sharing his dreams for the future. Incredible dreams. Dreams that if his windows were closed – he would never want to entertain. For if his windows weren’t open.. and he was not trusting in God, fear would be his favorite four-letter word instead of love.

So, dear reader, let me ask you….

Are your windows open?

And what’s your favorite four-letter word today? For make no mistake about it, it’s probably showing more than you realize.

As always, you’ve been prayed for!

Much love,


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  1. Hey Camey! It is so good to hear from you again. I miss your regular thoughts. Or is that irregular thoughts posted regularly? Thanks for the open thoughts today. As you may or may not have read, the church I pastor is moving to its own location. No more renting. it is a “scary” thing to think about but so much more exciting than fearful. I believe God has some tremendous plans for us if we only open to His leading. I like that new favorite word: open. Much love to you.

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