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Book Review: the Christian Atheist by Craig Groeschel

Book Review: the Christian Atheist – by Craig Groeschel

Disclaimer: This is not a totally unbiased book review. I’ll leave it at that.

One day, my oldest son – Austin and I were in a LifeWay Store together. His ever-growing consumption for books has taken a rather lofty direction as of late. I couldn’t help but notice one particular book in his hand, the Christian Atheist. Austin is one who has friends who are atheists as do I. But over the last year or more, we have had this ongoing dialogue about how Christians can be just as much atheists as the so-called real ones! Needless to say, I knew I would read the book before he did. If you’ve read any of my book reviews before – you know this is not the first time I’ve reviewed a book of Craig’s. And in fact, you may be one I’ve personally given one of my own books of his to read.

One of the many things I greatly appreciate about Craig is his transparency. And in the book, the Christian Atheist, he continues that even though doing so at times causes the reader to see right through him. {Read: Pastors are supposed to be perfect, right? That would be no.} He talks and shares very openly about his own struggles with being a recovering Christian Atheist. Having been one myself, I can relate to many of the stories he candidly lays out as how one can believe in God but live as if He doesn’t exist. I believe, as I know Craig does too, that this is how far more Christians can be defined these days than not. For the record, I used a cotton swab as my book marker while reading this book. I suggest you have one – if not several ready. Why? Our ears are dirty and in need of cleaning. {Huh? What did you just say?}

The book speaks to where so many are at these days. Believing in God and yet not living as though He exist. Believing in the phony formula as Craig calls it (as do I) that “better possessions + peaceful circumstances + thrilling experiences + the right relationships + the perfect appearance = happiness.” That can be found on page 169. It is not found in real life.

I don’t want to go into great detail about the book because I’m planning on giving this book as a gift in the near future. Very few books do I finish reading and say that about. I knew that half-way through the book if not sooner. So, needless to say, if you’re a Christian – I highly recommend this book to you. If you’re an atheist – the same applies for you. And if you’re somewhere in-between, ditto. Why? You never know when you just might need to hear something inside a book a friend recommends.

To fellow Christians reading this… I encourage you to really pray before opening its pages. I know I did.

And if by chance you’ve never really given God your life’s moments – all of them… no time like the present. But you’ve got to start somewhere. Why not here and now?

As always dear reader, you’ve been prayed for.

Much love,

PS: Any time I review a book of Craig’s – I always receive super lovely letters condemning him and his church, notice – it didn’t stop me.


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2 Responses

  1. cameyg says:

    As an FYI: my next book review will be of “Transformational Church” by Ed Stetzer & Thom Rainer. Free books for reviews doesn’t equal fluff.

  2. Camey: loved this book. I like Craig’s writing style and vulnerability. Dangerous prayers and love to you.

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