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More Than A Lunch Date: Tears Over Avocado Enchiladas

On Tuesday… my husband and I set out to the big city for a lunch date. We believe strongly in a husband and wife still dating each other after marriage.. Yes, even after 20 plus years of marriage especially. We had talked about going out on a dinner date Saturday evening, but our plans were changed thanks to Parker. More on that a bit later in this story…. It had nothing to do with celebrating Valentine’s Day. For real love is shown and shared more than one day year with a card, dinner out and perhaps some flowers and chocolates. We knew what we wanted to eat and just where to find them. Off we went..

We left a little later than we usually do for a lunch date. So, when we arrived at the restaurant – there were hardly any customers there. And I couldn’t help but smile deeply at that observation. We were seated immediately and were expecting nothing but a great time of being together and eating some of our favorite food. Of course, we were also expecting to intersect with the lives of whomever we came in contact with.

His name is Chris. He walked up and immediately started joking with us, laughing, and making a couple of suggestions for us. He told me I was too easy when he said they were all out of raspberry tea and I said, ‘Okay. I’ll take a Coke then.” And yet, through his jokes and laughter.. I knew with every fiber of my being he was not okay. And instead of mine and hubby’s usual habit of asking our server how we can pray for them and then doing so… I knew I wasn’t to ask… that he would be back later on in our time there to share what was going on with him. It was very odd I must confess when we bowed our heads to pray and yet had not clue how to pray for Chris.

The food was very hot temperature wise. Chris brought me a few raspberry teas and with each one or whatever he was at our table for… it was clear it was building.. and a flood was about to happen. He looked me at one point and said, “You’re a teacher aren’t you?” He then went on to explain about the grays in my hair and the way I smiled. The look on his face when I replied, “Yes. I’m a Bible study teacher.” showed clearly the real reason for his question.

A bit later, I asked him what he thought hubby looked like… he replied, “Something to do with technology.” We both had to laugh. Hubby was in technology for years in the secular world.. and he is currently working on a website for our church.. where he is the pastor. . The look on Chris’ face yet again when hubby said, “I’m a pastor.” spoke volumes. And truthfully… hubby is a tech geek. I may use it more on daily basis, but make no mistake – he’s the real geek.

A few minutes went by… and there was Chris again.. standing there beside me and laying his hand on my shoulder. And then he began simply pouring out about his life’s moments.. the good, the bad and the ugly. He couldn’t help but pull out the chair beside me and literally started welling up with big tears. And yes, of course, I couldn’t help but put my hand on his back and rub it.. That’s one thing I knew upon being physically healed back in 03.. I am to use my hands to touch those who are hurting. Not with my own hands mind you really.. with His.. God’s.

I won’t go in to all the details Chris shared. I will ask again for you to pray for him and his children and the woman he shared with us about too other than his x-wife. Hubby and I took Chris by the hands and prayed with him right there then. His tears filled with the added flavor of God’s love as individuals noticed his pain and met him right where he was….. just exactly like God through Jesus does.

Make no mistake about it.. Chris was crying out for Jesus. And God sent a teacher and a pastor. If you remember earlier on I shared how we almost went out Saturday night instead.. but didn’t because of Parker. Parker wanted to go to his first public school dance. And yet, he got the time wrong and when we showed up there – no one was there. No one so it seemed. He ended up spending most of his evening with his dad and I. And yet, Parker has said that it meant more to him that we were even willing to let him go and then didn’t go on out after we realized he wasn’t going to the dance at that time. Oh, Someone was there. He always is.. no matter where a child may go. Or a guy named Chris.. or Dick… or a woman named Camey. Or fill in your name……

Who will you notice today? And are you willing to share in their pain?

What about showing them who the Real Hope is found in?

As always, dear reader, you’ve been prayed for.

Much love,

PS: If you’re a local to this town or the big city.. I’ll be happy to share with you where you can find Chris if you’re interested in reaching out to him too.


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2 Responses

  1. Thanks Camey for sharing this life moment. I am constantly amazed (but shouldn’t be) at yours and Dick’s sensitivity to the leading of the Spirit. What a testimony to Chris that he is not alone and there are those who will help carry his burden. But not just you but the ONE who is the burden-bearer. But I do have one question: a dance? I thought Baptists didn’t dance? LOL ๐Ÿ™‚ Much love sent to you and dangerous prayers sent up for you today.

  2. Cameyg says:


    My privilege to share.. Thanks. So thankful that God is truly THE burden-bearer.

    Funny you should say that about “a dance”…. That was one of the other ways Chris knew he wasn’t alone. I shared with him about Saturday night and why we didn’t come then. It falls into the not sharing other details categories..

    We definitely dance.. ๐Ÿ™‚ But as we all know at Parker’s age.. it’s more of stand there by the wall looking all goofy at each other.

    Thank ya much!

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