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How Heaven Meets Earth: Celebrating November 1, 2006 to Today

Today, I’m taking a break from the “Dancing” series. Actually, I really am not. As I think back over the past 3 years, I can see some of the dance moves more clearly. Especially today, as I write this no longer in the home that my daddy had lived in. And as it actually sits vacant as my mother no longer lives there either. When I say today I am celebrating the fact that my daddy passed on 3 years ago, I do so with my hands still raised high in the air just as they were when I realized he had taken his finally breath on earth.

My daddy was in a place called Life Care back in September 06. He needed 24 hour hospital monitoring. Every single day, I would take my Bible with me. One particular day, he said to me, “Cam, read…..” I replied back to him, “You don’t want me to read that.” I knew exactly what Scriptures he was asking to be read. I was all too aware of the fact that my mother was in the room. And he said, “No. That’s exactly what I want you to read out loud.” I opened up my Bible and read out loud just as he asked. The Scriptures he had me read were about through the passing away of one’s spouse how they are free to marry someone else. Funny enough, almost 3 years to the date of that, my mom got engaged. Today, the house sits empty because she is married and moved out to move in to the house her husband already had, for that house to become their home. I cannot help but smile deeply as I see those dance steps.

In a couple of hours, I will be holding my first meeting with the women of the church. No – not an event – a meeting. A gathering of women to create the first real women’s ministry this church has seen in many years. Given that our church will be celebrating 110 years next year – that’s way too long. 3 years ago on this date – I was to walk across some stage and receive a piece of paper saying I had met all the requirements to lead this type of meeting. I didn’t walk across the stage that morning. I was with my daddy singing to him, holding his hand, and telling him he was going home that day. I knew without a shadow of a doubt through more than one dream that he was going to Heaven that day. I know that makes some uncomfortable. That’s okay. I don’t claim to understand it all either. But I also know that walking across a stage that day was not where God wanted me to be.

I’m often asked what’s the difference between being a “Women’s Minister” and a “Woman Minister”… for I am the latter and not the first really. When I was called into ministry, God made it abundantly clear that I was not going to be ministering to women alone. Whether as a pastor’s wife or as a woman minister, I was going to be ministering to the seen and the unseen of life’s moments. It matter not whether they were male or female, child or teen, young adult or senior adult. Being “Sold Out” does not mean asking to see one’s ticket seat assignment before allowing them entrance in to the door.

This morning I heard my pastor preach a message that spoke to my heart. Little did my pastor know – he used certain words that I heard upon listening to my Real Father speak to me long before walking in to the physical church building this morning. Confirmation received clearly. I’m often asked why I would do certain things. Why talk to this person that way? Why hold a hand instead of keeping my distance? How I even know certain things upon meeting a seemingly stranger? My daddy & I talked about it often when we were alone together out visiting others. We would say that between the “Healed” and the “Ill” – you were going to get visited one way or another. But what compelled us? Simple – God’s love and kindness.

One of my daddy’s favorite verses was (is) Micah 6:8. “What does the Lord require of you, to act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” It is one of mine too. So much so that it is written in a picture in the dining room from which this is being written from – a dining room that my daddy was never in physically. But one thing I know with certainty… he is here. How so if he is dead? He has never been more alive than he is now in Heaven. And throughout his life’s moments on this earth, he shared with me about God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. He shared with my husband (my pastor) and our 3 sons. He shared with any and all who would listen. And I can only pray that I do the same thing.

Who have I in Heaven but You Oh Lord? Even though my earthly daddy is there, it is not him that I looked forward to worshipping all of the rest of eternity. For eternity does not really begin the moment we take our final breath on this earth. I pray we start seeing and walking with Spiritual Eyes more so than the physical. But even in the physical, may we realize that life’s moments are truly worship for those of us who claim to be Christians, Christ-followers.

So, dear reader, let me ask you this moment?

Where do you live?

Is your house vacant?

What about your home?

How is your life care?

And who would you say you have in Heaven?

Or even right there with you?

As always, dear reader, you’ve been prayed for.

Much love,
Daughter of the Real King & sister of Larry


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