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Are You Dancing Or Standing Against The Wall?

This morning I woke up to find a message in my facebook inbox. This is not an usual thing for me in the slightest and neither really was what it said although the author might have thought I was surprised to be hearing from her. I write this in part because of such messages received – especially lately.

I have been greatly touched by the responses to what I share about my (our) life’s moments via facebook and/or my little blog or comments made on other blogs/sites. But one thing I hope is not lost in translation – yes, I write out of the overflow of God’s love but I also write out of obedience to hearing His Voice speak to me. I know to some obedience is not necessarily a positive term.

I fought writing for many years. It was and is at times a struggle against my will and His. But one thing I’ve truly come to learn the last few years especially – there is real freedom in being obedient to hearing and responding to His Voice. Oh, sure.. I have my critics. I have people who tell me I shouldn’t share some of the more personal things that I do. But when I receive a message like the one I did this morning – it is totally worth it. Not because of what the person said to me… but because I know they were responding to the prompting of His Voice in their own life’s moments. That is priceless!!

So? In responding to what He has been saying to me lately – my RQMs (really quiet moments) are over for awhile. But this does come with a warning… I might just push your buttons or step on your toes or as some say, “Camey! You made me cry!” I hope you realize though it’s not really me doing so.

As always, dear reader, you’ve been prayed for.

Much love,


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