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Dancing With The Stars

At the end of last week, I was asked if I could sub at the WeeSchool on Tuesday. So…. Yesterday morning – that’s where I found myself. The person I was subbing for is in charge of helping wherever is needed at the School. Whether it’s fixing snacks, answering the phone, greeting children and parents – whatever the case may be.

As I went about taking care of the snacks, I walked around the table placing each of the animal crackers and pretzels just so. I filled up the cups with the lemonade that I had made sure wasn’t too sweet or too tart. I also thought about each child as I had taken down each one of the little chairs off the tables. I counted to make sure there was just the right amount – not wanting to leave any child out. As I had been going about doing various things, I could not help but overhear the Bible story the teachers were sharing. Since this is a school located at our pcb, Bible stories are a part of the curriculum. I also could not help but smile at the story that was being shared. As the children came into the snack room – I shared with them about having also been like the woman in the story. I was physically healed by God. One little boy looked at me as I walked over to his table and then he said, “Here, I want you to have my best cookie.”

A little bit later, the children were all playing games in the hallways of the pcb. One was hop scotch. The other was bowling. Each was a game that I had the pleasure of setting up as a part of subbing. At one point, I sat down on the floor by some of the little children. The conversations that flowed were beyond sweet, tender and most definitely funny. But one conversation stood out to me. One of the little girls that I have made a real point of spending time with each time I am there said to me, “I don’t wear earrings. And I like to wear my hair in a ponytail.” She is a twin. She wanted to make sure I knew how to tell her a part from her sister. Her “identical” sister and yet they are not. She smiled more at me than she ever had before. And each time I hugged her, she really hugged me back. At the end of day, she even asked me if I would join her on the floor – she was working on a puzzle and needed some help.

While I was at the WeeSchool, I had answered the phone a few times. One of the times, I had not given my name upon answering. The woman on the other end is the pastor of the Methodist church in our town. She is also one of the women who had come to the Women’s Event a couple of Saturdays ago. We’re enjoying getting to know each other’s hearts. We share many of the same desires for this little town. Funny enough? She was calling for my home phone number. We just laughed when I told her it was me she was talking to. She had a request for me. She had a couple of things going on that were requiring her attention. She asked if I could fill in for her at two of the places she goes to on Tuesday afternoons – the nursing home & the Hudson House (an assisted living house). Of course, I agreed to go. Why? God’s Word says to always be ready to share the hope that is inside of you.

I came home after being at the WeeSchool at 12:30 p.m. and really started praying asking the Lord what exactly He wanted me to share. The answer I received was not an uncommon one to me, “Camey, just follow My Lead.” He even led me to a certain Scripture to share -one that I know intimately. And so, when 3:00 p.m. came – I drove over to the nursing home. As if loving on those little ones in the morning weren’t enough? What happened at the nursing home and then following at the assisted living home still have me counting blessings.

As I walked into the nursing home, I met a man named James Fields. I walked over to him and introduced myself to him. I took him by the hand and asked him what had brought him to the nursing home. He proceeded to share with me about his life’s moments. And oh, how he shared about Jesus. When he asked why I was there, I told him. He looked at me and said, “Amen!” Two other women I know came and helped lead in the singing time. What sweet sounds were coming from those who joined in! As I got up to speak, I heard clearly, “Walk the room as you share & touch them – make real eye contact.” And walk I did in my 3 inch heeled boots. I bent down and talked to individuals personally instead of just standing in one place looking above their heads and acting as if I had rather been somewhere – anywhere else but there. I talked about how they could cast all their anxiety on God because He cares for them. I shared that I could understand how they might not think He cared given their physical health. I then, shared about some of the struggles I had gone through health wise. The looks on their faces told me He was getting through them. And those looks continued on as I shared about how “Spiritual health” is the most important in life, even more so than the physical.

James – the man I met when I first came into the nursing home kept saying, “AMEN! Jesus is the answer!” And as I sat down on the couch beside one man and put my arm around him as he cried.. James said, “She’s professing Jesus! Look at her walking in the crowd like He did.” Most of their faces were brighter than when I had first walked in to the door. And as I got down on my knees and talked with several of them, they asked if I could come back again. Little did they know – I cannot help but go back again. Why? Because God’s Word is also clear… love those who are seen as unlovely. And let’s face it – not many people want to go to a nursing home or an assisted living home to spend time with those who seemingly can do nothing for them in life. But that’s where they – we – are wrong. “As you do unto the least of these, you do also unto Me.”

At the end of my time at the Hudson House (the assisted living home), I shared about how I was looking forward to going home and cooking dinner for my husband and 3 sons. I shared about how I still get excited being able to chop ingredients up, paying attention to each detail as I cook, and then also as I serve and then clean up. I also shared how I love to cook for others and not just my own. Little did I know that when I came home and was cooking dinner – 2 teenage boys would be joining us? One whom I had invited numerous times to eat dinner with us before and another whom had never been to our home nor had we met. The one, Daniel, whom we had never met, was surprised when I told him he could sit down at the table and that I would serve him his dinner. He said, “I’m not used to being served.” He also said it was the best chicken he had ever tasted. He could not believe it either when I said he could have seconds. And the other boy, he smiled and talked away as we sat around our dining room table with just the white table pad on it because the table cloth and place mats were in the washing machine still. Ah….

The title of this is simple – Dancing With The Stars. There are individuals who the world turns into stars because they posses some type of talent. But then there are the real stars in life’s moments – like the ones that I had the privilege of spending time with on a Tuesday.

So… dear reader, let me ask you…

What stars could you be dancing with today?

Who could use a real touch and not just merely words about God’s love?

Who could stand to have someone get down on their knees and look them in the eyes and take time to listen to their life’s moments whether good, bad or ugly?

Or sit by their bedside? Or give them a heavy coat, socks and/or a blanket?

Or buy or fix their next meal or cup of coffee?

I have more than a friend in Jesus. Do you?

As always, you’ve been prayed for!

Much love,

PS: Did I mention that I had originally thought I wanted to be in Chicago this week at a gathering called “Storytelling?” Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but here instead.


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Dance Lessons

As I shared in my last note, my “RQM” (really quiet moments) were over. And while it has been a few days since that was written, it has been playing out like a baby grand piano playing a love ballad. Of course there have been moments that have been more like a guitar playing a rock and roll song. Only truly possible when the Author of the Music is the same One.

Last Saturday morning as I stood before the women who had gathered at our pcb (physical church buildings) from all over the town and community, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that the message God had given me was going to have me literally dancing all around the room. My Dance Partner had me positioned in His arms just so. I was following His Lead and not my own. He had me go to the right when I was tempted to go to the left. He had me swing around when I would have preferred to stand still. He even had me sing loud when I would have rather whispered. There is no better dance partner.. None.

One thing I know I can say with certainty, last Saturday was all the better because of the dance lessons I (we) had before moving here back during Labor Day weekend. During the seasons of life’s moments, we have the opportunity to learn new things – to experience things that rock our very core and/or that help set us free in ways that we would have never might wanted to go through otherwise. Seasons of pain. Seasons of seeking our voice. Seasons of walking to the edge and looking over it. Seasons of running with the wind blowing through our hair.

I know that had I not gone through the seasons of my own illnesses and then with all that came with loving daddy and watching him leave this temporary place, what I had to share last Saturday would not have had the same weight and meaning. And as I spoke to women that were/are going through some of the roughest times in their own life’s moments – Holy Spirit was able to speak to their pain. Was able to minister in ways that while I know intimately – I cannot fully explain. For the women who, for all appearances, seem to have life by the silver spoon – Holy Spirit shared how they could be more grateful and let thanksgiving and His Love flow more freely to others. And for those others who are still questioning the whole “God” thing…. He became more real and alive. At least that’s what I’ve been told. Who knew my squatting down in those big ol’ heels could help that? Or walking by them and their table at just the moment when I was sharing about certain things?

Before we moved here, I was on staff at our previous church. I was often told I was “The Voice” for that church body. I struggled with that greatly. It wasn’t until we started talking about leaving that one of the individuals who had called me that shared what they really meant by it. They didn’t mean that “I” – Camey – was the voice. They meant that every time they heard my voice – God was using it to speak to them. And dang if that didn’t make me cry and smile deeply all at the same time. Individuals that our friendships would have surprised many. Not that we were friends… but the depth of our friendships. Friendships that came after they had been really ticked off at me for moving there in the first place to “take care of daddy”. Funny thing is? I learned just as much from them as they could have possibly from me. Again – learning how to dance certain steps for particular songs that were playing at those moments.

I’ve also shared before that I had fought to not be on staff (particularly paid staff) at any church’s pcb. That I was not wanting to be stuck inside any building(s). And yet, I learned so much more inside those buildings than I would have outside of them. I also learned that when it was time to say goodbye to the buildings – it was the people who I cried over more. Not because I didn’t want to leave – but because I was so incredibly thankful for each one of them. I was ready to leave because of the dance lessons that I had learned while there. And I was ready to follow my Dance Partner’s lead elsewhere across the massive floor.

Why was I ready to leave? Because it was simply time. I had taken notes, failed quizzes, past tests and when my Dance Partner took my hand and said, “Come… follow me” – there was not a moment of hesitation. Not one. Are there parts of this dance floor that I am unfamiliar with – absolutely!! That just makes me watch Him all the more! It makes me want to study Him thoroughly. His every move. And listen to the sound of His heart beat as I lean my head into His Chest when He holds me close as we slow dance. Or when He seemingly lets go of my hand but is still close by as we get our groove on!

So? Dear reader, let me ask you this….

What dance lessons have you learned that you too can share with others?

Who is truly leading you and your every step?

If you don’t know the Greatest Dance Partner – why is that?

He is dancing all around you.

Especially this time of year with all the colors changing. He is displaying some of His Mercy. How so?

With the fall comes winter… a time when things seemingly appear to go to sleep on the outside. Ice may even form and cause some things to break or to slip and slide.

But on the inside – things can become greener than ever before. And when the spring comes again…

Can come bursting out with more brilliant colors, be more alive, blooming and growing than could have seemed possible! And they can dance in the Brilliant Sonlight! (yes… spelled that way on purpose)

I am dancing with more than stars. With The One who put each star in place. It is a dance for all of life’s moments. Each one of them…

Are you ready to take His Hand and go wherever He leads? Or to even take His Hand for the first time?

There’s a song by LeAnne Womack called, “I Hope You Dance”….

Are you dancing this moment?

The Only Real Hope comes from God through Jesus Christ.

As always, dear reader, you’ve been prayed for!

Much love,

PS: Thank you again to all who prayed for last Saturday’s Women’s Event… for this silly woman.

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Are You Dancing Or Standing Against The Wall?

This morning I woke up to find a message in my facebook inbox. This is not an usual thing for me in the slightest and neither really was what it said although the author might have thought I was surprised to be hearing from her. I write this in part because of such messages received – especially lately.

I have been greatly touched by the responses to what I share about my (our) life’s moments via facebook and/or my little blog or comments made on other blogs/sites. But one thing I hope is not lost in translation – yes, I write out of the overflow of God’s love but I also write out of obedience to hearing His Voice speak to me. I know to some obedience is not necessarily a positive term.

I fought writing for many years. It was and is at times a struggle against my will and His. But one thing I’ve truly come to learn the last few years especially – there is real freedom in being obedient to hearing and responding to His Voice. Oh, sure.. I have my critics. I have people who tell me I shouldn’t share some of the more personal things that I do. But when I receive a message like the one I did this morning – it is totally worth it. Not because of what the person said to me… but because I know they were responding to the prompting of His Voice in their own life’s moments. That is priceless!!

So? In responding to what He has been saying to me lately – my RQMs (really quiet moments) are over for awhile. But this does come with a warning… I might just push your buttons or step on your toes or as some say, “Camey! You made me cry!” I hope you realize though it’s not really me doing so.

As always, dear reader, you’ve been prayed for.

Much love,

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