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Caught In The Act: Are You Guilty?

Last night the G family went to the bonfire as a part of Homecoming week. It took a few minutes for the fire to really get going because of all the rain we had throughout the day. But once it did – what a warming heat it gave off & what an amazing display of light dancing! This was the first time our family has participated in such a thing. Thankful we did. Although there was one part when driving out to where it was where we thought we were going to drive off the edge of the earth.. (cue in Sheri pls)

While doing some people watching – one of my favorite things to do… I saw these three young girls doing some cheers. They were so intense on making sure they were doing each move just right. Last week these same girls had been part of a cheerleading camp and got to perform at the pep rally & at the football game. I had noticed each one of them then. Their smiles were electric. Their voices – LOUD!

I could not help but walk over to the girls and hug each one of them and tell them what a great job they were doing as cheerleaders! One of their moms was standing nearby. She looked at me and all the sudden her face lit up like a Christmas Tree. She walked over to me & started to introduce herself. Before she could.. her daughter looked at her & said, “Mom! This is Camey. Hannah’s helper.” Her mom looked at her & then me & said, “I know who you are, Camey. You’re Pastor Dick’s wife. I’ve seen your picture every time I’ve walk into the church lately.” (For the record: They took pictures on the day hubby became the pastor of the church & have them on a bulletin board outside the offices.)

Her daughter then proceeded to go on for a bit about how she saw me Wednesday afternoon at our church’s JOY Club. It is an after school gathering for any child that wants to come have a little snack, game time, sing some songs, and most importantly – learn about God/Jesus. She talked about how I was “Hannah’s helper” during the JOY Club. I could not help but smile deeply. You see? Hannah is an 8-year-old friend of mine. She is simply beautiful. She also only has part of her brain. And because of that – Hannah some times needs a helper. It is a pleasure to be Hannah’s helper. Hannah’s mom, Rebecca, is also a friend of mine & one of Parker’s teachers at public school. Hannah does not speak very well.. but holding my hand down one of the hallways Wednesday afternoon during JOY Club – she called me by name, “Camey!” Talk about your priceless moment!

The mom smiled even bigger than she had been after her daughter’s report. She then introduced herself and made sure to introduce her husband to me. All the while, her daughter looking on with a smile as big as the state of Texas. And as quickly as she had stopped cheering – she started back up again. Her & her two friends who also happen to be related to her. She introduced to them to me Wednesday 1st as her best friends & then as family.

This morning as I sit here – I’m reminded of the events of yesterday and Wednesday. I am reminded of the woman at a store hubby and I was in yesterday who was watching me look at some pictures hanging on a wall. She overheard hubby tell me to buy one so I could bring it home & see how it would look in the dining room & how it would go with “Best Dishes”. (read: there’s a note called “Best Dishes” – what special dishes they are! And they are meant for every day!) After hubby walked off to look elsewhere in the store – she said to me, “So? Tell me why you’re looking at these particular pictures.” Each one of them either had a scripture on it or some other God’s Truth on it.

I explained to her about having a house to decorate that is really a home. A home where people are welcome & where God’s love is shared without hesitation from the moment a person walks in whether or not it is directly spoken. That I thought the particular pictures would go well in the dining room. A place where individuals gather numerous times throughout the day.. whether it be members of the G family or individuals who have walked through our doors for whatever the reason(s) may be. She couldn’t help but agree with me. “These pictures speak for themselves.” She also agreed that they weren’t too girly looking either. This woman is going for a bit more of a masculine flair. Remember: There’s already 4 guys who live here.

She then was “caught in the act”…. She told me to not buy any of the pictures. WHAT??? She’s one of their sales employees. But she also knows that on Saturday – those very pictures are going to be on sale. What a helper she was to me by sharing that information with me when she could have kept on working on the display she filling & not got involved with some silly woman who was all giddy over having a “These are it!” moment!

I share these stories with you with definite purposes.

Have you been caught in the act lately?

Are you guilty of helping another?

Do you notice others around you instead of just being involved in your life’s moments?

They really don’t belong to just you.

How can you choose today to share God’s kindness with someone else?

I dare you to! You can never outgive God in kindness. I know I certainly can’t.

As always, dear reader, you’ve been prayed for.

And if you don’t know God… or Jesus… just ask me.. It is sheer JOY to share with you!

Much love,

PS: Tonight the G family have the privilege of serving others at the dinner before the Homecoming Game! Gotta go bake some desserts now in that kitchen I’m blessed to use to help share God’s kindness. Each thing I make gets prayed over for the individuals who will eat it. It can be that simple.


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