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Unpacking Life’s Moments: A Lifestyle Missionary’s Report

Over the last couple of days in particular, I’ve had numerous inquiries as to when I was going to start writing again. While I have never understood people’s responses to my daily life painted through words, I praise God.. and the power of Holy Spirit! My writing comes out His Love for me and mine in return for Him and also out of obedience and surrender to my Savior and Lord. With that said…

The last couple of weeks have been some of the most intense ever! And if you’re even remotely familiar with some of the ones I’ve lived – that’s saying a lot! (read: insert hardy laugh here) One of the things that has totally caught me by surprise is my reaction to having a house again, a house to decorate, and in the mix of that – all the ways our lives have completely changed and yet have stayed the same.

When God called us to give away or sell almost everything we had the privilege of calling ours back in 2005 & also move into someone else’s house – it was one of the most freeing times in my life. WHAT??? I am a servant. I serve others. That’s just what I do… who I am at the very core of my being. Now I’m not saying that I have never complained about it.. But at the end of the day – God’s love always reigns supreme and it is a love that I cannot and will not deny. It is a love I did not and do not deserve but He pours out and in me lavishly and with the Ultimate Generosity.

While there is not one single doubt we were called to leave G-town – just like when we were sent there… what has changed for me is being the woman of the house again. And with the fact that we can now have individuals over whenever we want to – the desire is huge for it to be house that is inviting to any one who may dawn her doors. I’m not concerned about the people part…. I/we want it to be a place where an individual knows they can come in & take their shoes off & stay awhile. To take a nap on our couch if a nap is needed… to eat whatever is in our kitchen… or put on our dining table. This is a house where God’s love is known beyond words. And that is what makes it a home.

So… it is safe to say I’m truly in a foreign land. Oh, sure… I’m still in Texas. But honestly, it is like nothing I’ve ever known. And on one hand it is thrilling beyond my imagination… on the other hand – it has left me saying, “Why didn’t I pay more attention in Home Ec. class while in junior high?” Needless to say… I failed sewing. Hence why I’m looking for premade curtains. (read: don’t take yourself so seriously. laugh at your failures)

I write this to say…. I am humbled by the life’s moments I’m given the privilege of living. Each and every single moment.. the ones where I can do whatever it is blindfolded or have to have my hand held by my Real Father. And I am thankful for all the new opportunities to serve here. Yes, I am the pastor’s wife of one of the churches… but I remain a lifestyle missionary far more than that.

What is a lifestyle missionary? It is a person who has recognized God’s love for them and how He sent Jesus to live and die to show that love. It also showed His Love by the fact that Jesus did not stay in his tomb. He is the Only Living God. And therefore, the Only One worth following as The Guide – The Light – for how to live life’s moments. Jesus did not come to be served. He came to serve. And so.. it is my incredible privilege to serve others because of Him and out of the overflow of His love in me. It is not some thing I am capable of on my own. It requires a daily surrender. And it demands calling upon the Holy Spirit to give you His Eyes as you walk this world.. ready at any moment to share the Hope that is found Only in Him.

So? I’m surrendered to decorating to this house for others.. not for myself. Because truly? I have all I need in God through Jesus Christ. That is the how and why I am complete even when seasons of life change like the arrival of cold air and dew on both of our backyards. I am also surrendered to doing whatever else He calls me. And that does include writing as well… More to come on that.

As for Dick and the boys – I’ll save that update for another time too. I can say that God is stretching them in ways that leaves this wife and mom on my knees in prayer, encouraging them however I can, and giving more hugs than some might say are legally allowed at the boys’ ages. It is all how I worship God with life’s moments.

Now.. I’m back to looking for black curtains for the dining room. (Read: Serious with a pinch of sheer laughter)

As always, dear reader, you’ve been prayed for. And it is as dangerous as trusting in Jesus.

Much love,


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  1. Hey there lady! Glad to hear from you…finally. 🙂 Have been wondering every morning as I pray dangerous prayers for you and “the boys” how all things are going. I look forward to hearing more from you. And as you know…prayers are said.

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